Introduction to the neuro well and the neuro well FREE.

Our Values: Academic Excellence, Hospitality, and Integration.

The neuro well is a premiere, patient-centered neuropsychiatry specialty
practice available for anyone in need

The Neuro Well strategy is to fuse Neurology, Psychiatry and Hospitality into a new, unified brain care service that is deployable to whole families in alternative settings.

The Neuro Well FREE Not-for-Profit Organization enables anyone to receive the most Excellent, Refreshing and De-stigmatized brain care, regardless of insurance status.

Value #1: Academic Excellence

Honest / Fair / Transparent / Inquisitive / Curious / Relentless / Excellent / Truth-seeking / High Quality.

As an academic research organization, the neuro well FREE continuously tries to discover and share new knowledge to improve patient, family and community-level interventions.


  • Patients of The Neuro Well can donate their de-identified data to the Comparative
    Effectiveness Dementia & Alzheimer’s Registry (CEDAR) Project.
  • This line of research may help to introduce new care approaches that could result in major
    improvements in the way we treat many brain diseases.

Case Study I: When 69-year-old retired and divorced handyman TA presented with “moderate-stage dementia of unknown type” at his local hospital, Dr. Seifan discovered that his previous providers had failed to ask about potential symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) Thomas may have experienced as a young child. The Neuro Well team took the time to listen to Thomas about his life course. Thomas admitted to being a class clown and having trouble finishing college. He was recommended a low dose of ADHD medication combined with therapy. Thomas went back to work, and was re-diagnosed with “mild cognitive impairment” instead of dementia. ADHD and other childhood disorders often go unrecognized in clinics. How can we better diagnose neurodevelopmental diversity in older adults? Could earlier intervention delay the onset of mild cognitive impairment? These are some of the questions being answered by the CEDAR Project.

Academics also includes education of the next generation of mental healthcare providers
committed to lifelong learning in both Psychiatry and Neurology.


  • The Neuro Well offers clinical and research rotations for students at Barry University,
    NOVA Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Florida International
    University, Kaiser University and Miami Dade College, among others.
  • By educating all types of providers in a neurological approach to psychiatry, we hope to
    meet the growing, unmet demand for unified brain care.
  • The Neuro Well also offers internship opportunities in Neurology, Neuropsychology,
    Hospitality, Technology, Nursing, Clinical administration and Outreach.

Case Study II: JW is a philosophical, inquisitive young Physician Assistant (PA) student who rotated with Dr. Seifan through Neuro Well a few months prior to deciding on a field to pursue at the end of PA school. He was enthralled by the effectiveness of a unified, hospitable approach to care as he witnessed patient after patient in the clinic return with refreshed bodies, renewed minds and re-heartened spirits. As a result of his experience learning a unique, new field of unified brain care, JW hopes to work at The Neuro Well Clinic upon graduation.

Value #2: Hospitality

Agreeable / Kind / Professional / Comforting / Calming/ Confidential / Exciting / Stimulating / Hopeful.

the neuro well care accommodates physical, mental and financial needs of patients.


  • The Neuro Well FREE supports scholarships for same-day visits, clergy services, temporary child care,
    transportation assistance, tele-mental health video visits and subsidized care.
  • Patients have 24-hour access to their care team, to avoid ER visits or hospitalizations.

Case Study III: AL is a bright young adult who was excellent at chess as a child. During his early teens, Andrew became totally disabled by bipolar mania and depression. When Andrew came to Neuro Well, he was under a restraining order, unable to work and feeling trapped and hopeless. He was given direct contact to a Neuro Well physician and nurse in case the administrative line was busy. He was able to start a new combination of medications and resume vocational rehab. Andrew is now living independently, with a part-time job, saving money for a bicycle and designing a program to free inmates with mental illness from unnecessary imprisonments. Sometimes, just having someone to call can make all the difference.

the neuro well FREE fills critical, unfunded holes in patient care.


  • Psychoeducational testing for children in need Individualized Educational Plans is
    inaccessible through insurance and many schools, which disadvantages high-risk youth..
  • Amyloid PET scans can catch Alzheimer’s before it ever begins, leading to earlier
    treatments, but insurance doesn’t pay for this yet, so many people don’t have access.

Case Study IV: MA, 11, is an imaginative and fast-thinking girl having trouble in academics due to a learning disorder. She needed an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) to accommodate her learning needs; without this plan, she was at risk of underachieving in her social, academic and career pursuits. This could have potentially life-changing consequences such medical illness, drug abuse or jail. The Board of Education is mandated to provide IEP evaluations, but they are less comprehensive than those delivered by professionals. Miangel came to Neuro Well Free and through generous funding was able to get a professional IEP. She is now excelling in school and wants to become a veterinarian.

Hospitality also means creating an environment that enables staff to thrive.


  • The clinic is designed so that providers have the most freedom to be effective.
    – Prior to the visit, Hospitality staff gather extensive information prior to the visit.
    – Nurses utilize this important information in personalizing care plans in advance.
    – MD, DO, PA and NP students focus on neurological history and examination.
    – Free of computers, doctors spend more time counseling and making eye contact.
    – All care team members, including the front desk, are free from phone
    responsibilities during clinic hours, allowing for total attention to the patients.

Hospitality initiatives supported by the neuro well FREE improve quality of life for patients
and staff.


  • Advancement at The Neuro Well relies on the accumulation of higher adult learning
    – Higher learning is proven to improve quality of care
  • The Neuro Well clinic hours are limited strictly to 20 hours per week.
    – This allows the care team and researchers time for discovery and improvement.
  • The Academic, Refreshing, and Collaborative environment can attract the most
    talented healthcare professionals seeking balanced, intellectually rewarding and
    socially stimulating careers.

Value #3 – Integration:

Collaborative / Interdisciplinary / Inter-connected / Social / Altruistic / Autonomous / Values-Aligned / Empowered.

Integration of Neurology and Psychiatry with Cardiovascular Prevention is essential to the neuro well strategy.


  • Integrated Neurology & Psychiatry enhances patient engagement, increases treatment
    adherence, improves satisfaction and improves quality of life.
  • Integration of Neuropsychiatry with diagnostic companies who provide advanced
    cardiovascular, nutritional, genetic, inflammatory and metabolic testing for patients
    further increases quality.
  • Initiatives to integrate physical and mental health are a top priority for Medicaid agencies.

Case Study V: IL was a smart, rabbinical student at the top of his class who suddenly began having trouble getting through his home studies. Over time he became debilitated by a difficulty concentrating and anxiety about his limitations. He saw 30 psychiatrists and paid thousands of dollars for valuations at The Amen Clinic. He separately sought out a private hormone doctor. IL was not improving despite several medications and numerous medical opinions. IL came to Neuro Well and was finally diagnosed with “acephalgic migraine”, a migraine without a headache! He was properly treated for migraine and all of the symptoms improved, including his anxiety. IL benefited from one doctor, in one location, with expertise in two fields that have too much in common to be separated.

the neuro well FREE establishes strategic community partnerships with educational, social, correctional, and
foster agencies to enhance awareness and create synergies that improve quality of care.


  • The Neuro Well is linked to Alzheimer’s Prevention Programs at New York’s Weill Cornell
    Medicine and in Puerto Rico.
  • Neuro Well teams work collaboratively with local health and lifestyle and hospitality
    businesses such as Crunch Fitness, midwifery centers, maternity brands and hotels.
  • Neuro Well is a registered vendor for the Florida Vocational Rehabilitation Department.
  • Neuro well is establishing integrations with jails, psychiatric wards and orphanages.

Because the cognitively impaired and attentional- or learning-disordered community are
particularly in need, the neuro well FREE assertively integrates with centers who work with neurodiverse people.


  • Neurodiverse adults include people with diagnoses of dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and
    ADHD, among other ailments.
  • Collaborating with Hunter College, Neuro Well Free designs, develops and deploys special
    curricula to target the known key factors that help all people make choices.
  • Differences in health knowledge are a key cause of the disadvantage for all people.
  • By continuing to capture the impact of public health education strategies, Neuro Well Free
    hopes to inform best practices in patient education for special communities.

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