Dr. Alon Seifan really takes away the usual doctor/patient experience away and really focuses on you and making YOU better. Medication that directly relates to the issue at hand, but wants to focus on making you a BETTER YOU. And i like that about him. And with his experience with other TBI patients like me, really makes me feel like he cares for me as an individual not just a patient. He is more than* just a "doctor", he can be your friend and have it mean something. I can now call him my friend, but my Doctor first.Source


Have never visited a psych in my life.made the decision after deep depression hit me after a breakin point in my life. Never have i addressed issues ive had my whole lifetime.went in skeptical, the process was very professional and very friendly.it didn't feel like a clinic.they felt like family. Everybody is amazing and i recommend everyday this office to people in need.words cannot express how Alon made me feel and laugh and his whole demeanor is out of this world and how he goes about things really makes your day! Feels like home away from home! Sad to say but yes!Source


Dr. Alon Seifan and his staff make you feel incredibly welcome and attended to the minute you walk in the door. I feel like I am in very capable hands every time I go there, this Doc knows his stuff, I highly recommend him!Source


I found Dr. Seifon about a year and a half ago and he has helped me so much, I followed him to his new practice. He is extremely thorough, professional, and personable. The staff is awesome too!!! I highly recommended Dr. Seifon to everyone who has any neurological or psychological issues.Source


Dr. Seifan and The Neuro Well are the leaders in brain care and provide exceptional patient care. They just get it. If you're looking for the most expansive knowledge on brain care check out The Neuro Well!Source


Excellent! Dr. Seifan is a game-changing neurologist and is constantly improving patient's lives.Source


Miriam F (Designation)

Dr. Seifan is enthusiastic and compassionate at the same time. He has a lot of positive energy & obviously cares what happens to me. He suggested a number of corrective strategies for my health to improve

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