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Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression, bipolar or simply want to talk or have better choices in your life, our licensed neurologist, psychiatrist & psychologists are here to help.   Our licenced neurologist, psychiatrist & psychologists provide you with counseling, therapy and education needed to reach the highest level of wellness.  Dr. Alon Sefian, Sheila Simchon-Steinhof, LSP, MSW , Amanda Seifan, RN, BSN  and Jordan Wilson, PA-C, MSPA digagnose and treat people of all ages.

Our psychiatrists and psychologists also help individuals struggling with relationship or career issues, low self-esteem, sleep troubles, and questions of meaning and purpose.    If you are looking for a Mental Health specialist in Oakland Park  Florida simply call us Click here to call us now at 305.912.4323 and schedule an appointment

Our Licensed Neurologists, Psychiatrists & Psychologists provide diagnosis and treatment for the following

psychologist Oakland Park
Psychologist Oakland Park
Neurological Services Oakland Park
Neurologist Oakland Park
Psychiatry Services Oakland Park
Psychiatrist Oakland Park
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