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Fighting the Global War on Undetected,
Under-Treated Mental Illness

The Quality of Mental Healthcare MUST and CAN be Improved

People with mental illness are imprisoned in several ways


  • Emotional suffering traps people into a state of helplessness.
  • Lack of access to high-quality mental healthcare further increases helplessness.
  • Jails, hospitals, medical wards, poverty, homelessness and substance abuse are a usual destination.

Social stigma, and the Fragmentation of Neurology and Psychiatry fields, are key causes of low quality


  •  Social stigma and privacy regulations:
    – limit public knowledge/awareness
    – lower patient engagement and
    – hinder efforts to improve care quality.
  • Fragmentation of Neurology and Psychiatry care:
    – increases complexity of care (duplicate or wrong treatments, missed diagnoses
    – delays discoveries for people with mental illness.

Current and projected demand far outweighs supply


  • One in four people suffer from mental disorders.
  • Neurology waiting lists project the U.S. Neurologist shortage to reach 19% by 2025.
  • The rate of growth in Psychiatrists is much lower than that of the nation’s population.
    o Medical students choosing Psychiatry are fewer in number than in decades’ past.

People with mental illness are suffering because the quality of brain care is extremely poor


  • Fewer than half of people with serious neuropsychiatric distress receive proper care.
  • Median delay in treatment across disorders is about 10 years.
  • 35-50% of cases even in high income countries go untreated (76-85% in low/middle income)

Low quality mental health care can disable not only individuals, but also societies.


  • By 2020, Behavioral Disorders will exceed physical diseases as the main global cause of
  • Consequences of lack of access to high-quality, unified brain care include:
    – reduced safety of communities
    – reduced productivity in our workforce
    – unsustainable healthcare costs (preventable emergency room and inpatient visits)

Most major causes of low quality of mental healthcare are addressabl


  • Treating Neurology and Psychiatry problems in the same visit, by one provider:
    – can prevent lack of coordination that can cause errors
    – can lower financial barriers for both patients and insurers
    – can increase chances for cross-discoveries to apply from one field to the other.
  • Training para-providers in NeuroPsych can increase supply of higher-quality providers.
  • Caring for patients in de-stigmatized, non-traditional environments can ease stigma.
  • Educating the public using Behavioral Theory can increase engagement
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