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The Neuro Well is re-inventing the way we approach brain care. Traditionally, Neurology & Psychiatry were one field. Over time, the two fields were split apart. At The Neuro Well, we are Unifying brain care by bringing the two fields back together. All our providers are dual-trained in Neurology & Psychiatry. Besides offering excellent care for neurological and psychiatric conditions, we also provide sophisticated preventative brain care for anyone in the family. The Neuro Well features one of the nation’s first Alzheimer’s Prevention Programs. The Neuro Well was designed from the ground up to be a Patient-Centered Specialty practice. Each day, we aim to provide the most Excellent, Integrative and Hospitable care.

Neurology Center in Oakland Park

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The Neuro Well is a new and innovative brain care model offered in Oakland Park Florida.  The Neuro Well provides neuropsychiatric care for all ages. Unlike most practices that use EITHER Neurology or Psychiatry providers, The Neuro Well utilizes an interdisciplinary team of dual-trained psychiatrists, neurologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and psychologists.  Dual-trained means that every provider understands the biological manifestations of neurological or psychiatric conditions.  This team works collaboratively to evaluate chronic behavioral and emotional disorders that may have a psychiatric, neurological or even a medical pathogenesis.

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Neurology Center in Oakland Park
Neurology Center in Oakland Park


“Dr. Seifan is terrific. Fabulous explanation – clearly explained the purpose of testing, the purpose of the study program and was extremely supportive and reassuring which is so important for a patient worried about her memory. His manner is exceptional in putting patients at ease and allowing the patient to use her best ability in response to questions. Kind and considerate and extremely intuitive.”

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We provide outpatient Psychology, Psychiatry and Neurology services in an Academic, Integrative and Caring environment.

Our services improve lives and empower people to recover. We believe in the resiliency and the potential of the people we serve. Together, our strong leadership, and highly trained staff, keep our unwavering commitment to quality.

We offer services to individuals, couples and families of all ages.

Our services cover all categories of mental health: Psychological ServicesNeurological Services and Psychiatry Services .


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Neurology Center in Oakland Park

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